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Maramba is a famous coffee brand from Rwanda. Rwanda is a small country by size. Today it is known for its commitment to come over its dark past and build a new country. In Rwanda you can see the last 380 remaning Mountain Gorillas. This is more than half of the world population. 

Amahoro Tours is a Rwandan tour operator, registered in the commercial register of the town of Ruhengeri
(no 604/03). Our office in Ruhengeri is within easy reach of the main street as well as the minibus park. 

Managing Director
Gregory Bakunzi

Tel: +250 08 687 448
Office: +250 08 655 223

In the past years Greg has gained experience as a Rwandan tour organizer and guide for various international tour operaors.

His professionalism and sincerity as well as his exceptional understanding of the needs and desires of international visitors have gained him renown among clients, and respect among the members of local communities.

He is co-founder and president of the Ruhengeri Community Eco-Tourism Association, a local association of partners in tourism development in Rwanda. For the services offered by Amahoro Tours he can fall back on his numerous contacts in the area, thereby guaranteeing the best possible visitor experience, and the most possible benefit for the local people.



Greg works with an experienced and highly motivated local staff team responsible for client contacts, as well as tour development. Apart from Kinyarwanda and Swahili, there are guides and drivers who speak English, French and German.

Fieldwood is our Swedish travelagent.

Fieldwood Travel
Box 236
271 39 Ystad
Tel: +46 411 653 80



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